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6 Ways to use your Muslin Wrap

Posted on February 01 2018

6 Ways to use your Muslin Wrap


1. Swaddle

Without stating the obvious - the main use of the swaddle is to do so exactly that, swaddle. It is proven that many babies love to be wrapped. It makes them feel safe and secure. Research has proven that it helps them to feel at ease and to settle as it recreates the cozy & warm environment that they were used to in the womb. 


2. Pram Cover

We all need some vitamin D - but the glaring sun right into a little ones eyes is one way for them to become unsettled. Whether you want to shade your little love and keep them cool, provide a quiet and cosy environment or just jazz up your pram, then this is another perfect use for the wrap - pair it with our pram pegs and you have a sure fire way to keep the little one settled while out and about. 


3. Burp Cloth

Only the other day I had my darling god-daughter vomit all down my back, then down my top. If I had just grabbed my Cache Cache wrap then it would have saved me my second outfit change of the day. Its big enough to just quickly drape over your shoulder - to protect your stylish ensemble and clean up any spills at the same time. 


4. Play Mat

You never know when you may just need to put something down for your little explorer. Our wrap makes the perfect tummy time mat, or picnic rug. Use indoors or outdoors to protect your little love as they start to hit developmental milestones. 


5. Nursing Cover

I am all for nursing at any time, and anywhere and whole hardheartedly believe that no one should be made to feel that they should cover up. However there may be a time when you would like some privacy - or a lack of distraction for your little babe while they feed, so our wrap moonlights as a nursing cover. 


6. Open Sheet

On those hot Australian summer nights our wrap makes for a fantastic open cot sheet - paired with our fitted muslin sheet the wrap makes for a fantastic way to keep bub cool due to its open weave, its also fantastic for when your tiny darling is no longer so tiny and does not want to be swaddled. 

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