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How does Swaddling Help My Baby?

Posted on March 03 2020

How does Swaddling Help My Baby?

I have been pondering for a while now, just how to write this post. 
I've been approached my numerous customers and intrigued mums & dads about 1. the benefit of swaddling and 2. knowing if bub actually likes being wrapped. 

So please feel free to read on if you too have been asking these questions....

So what are the benefits of swaddling?

There have been numerous studies conducted that have shown that there are many benefits to swaddling. The most pertinent would be the potential decrease in the risk of SIDS (see below for further information on this point). Now there will always be an exception to every rule, and what I am about to highlight is by no means gospel, however for the vast majority of infants, these benefits apply.


Swaddling Could Decrease the Risk of SIDS

This is a huge claim to make, and I don’t make it lightly. I am not a medical practitioner, or trained, so all of this information is based on what I have read and been told from reputable sources.

However, at this point in time there is limited evidence that wrapping/swaddling has a major reduction in SIDS risks, though it is proven that when a swaddled baby is placed to sleep on their back, there is less possibility of bub moving into an unsafe position that could lead to a SIDS risk.

Please feel free to have a read at the article linked by Red Nose. It provides wonderful insight into SIDS and swaddling.

 Swaddled Babies Sleep Better 

  • Swaddling decreases occurrence of the startle reflex which frequently wakes unswaddled babies.
  • Infants sleep with fewer awakenings when swaddled and have twice as much REM sleep
  • REM sleep is believed to be important for brain development
  • When babies sleep better and longer, parents get more sleep, too
  • ** in order for this to be effective a swaddle should be firm but not tight and should never restrict leg or hip movement.

Reduces Fussiness

  • Snug swaddling soothes babies by reminding baby of the snugness of the womb.
  • Swaddling helps prevent over-stimulation
  • Babies are inefficient at regulating their temperature. Swaddling helps keep baby warm. Bearing in mind, that swaddling blankets should be from breathable materials to prevent overheating. Products containing polyester, or fleece should not be used. Have a look at our range of organic bamboo muslin swaddles that do the job perfectly - head to our product page to see them for yourself.

Helpful When Breastfeeding

  • Tucking baby's hands into the swaddle will keep baby's hands from impairing latch-on
  • Baby's extra movements are nicely contained when swaddled which can help baby focus and latch on. Once baby has learned how to latch on and is nursing, remove the swaddle so baby and mum can be skin to skin and tummy to tummy.
  • Use the blanket to drape over mum and baby for warmth (especially those bubs born in the middle of winter). Skin to skin is best when learning how to breastfeed. Now don't be alarmed, due to the nature of our breathable bamboo muslin, mum or bub will not overheat and there should be no associated respiratory issues

But my bub doesn't like to be swaddled, you they wriggle around, grizzle and cry or physically push against the swaddle? 

More often than not (there is of course an exception to the rule) it's not because they don't like it, it is because these are in fact their verbal and physical signs and cues that they are ready for bed. 

Anyway, if you found this useful, I am glad. Like I said, I am not claiming to be the guru of swaddling or a preacher of what is right. But I did just want to provide some useful information that I have picked up along the way, that have been part of the reason I started Cache Cache Style.


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