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Posted on May 03 2018


WARNING - I am no writer, I can string a sentence together and hope that there are aren't too many grammatical errors, but that's not why I am writing. I just wanted to share this super exciting part of my life. 

WE ARE PREGNANT - well I am, Adam is along for the tumultuous ride, that involves crazy hormones, exhaustion and weird cravings. 

An actual human baby, my goodness crazy to think I am creating a new life. 

Talk about a hectic past 12 months - married, bought our house - started my dream business - and now creating ears and feet. WOW!!!!! but oh so exciting. 

A little baby girl who is growing at a rate of knots and will be running circles around me before I know it. As my mother says, its about time I get payed back for some of my childhood antics. 

One half of me, one half on Adam. I honestly couldn't be happier. 

So yeah, surprise. Well not a surprise for some of you I guess, but the rest of you, who didn't know - now you do. 

We are beyond excited, planning nursery themes, figuring out how to baby proof our very baby un-friendly house (I'm talking slate floors, exposed shelving and an elevated living room with a ladder to a loft), researching every bit of baby gear that is necessary and just all round enjoying the process.

I am sure everyone is wondering what the details are - so here goes.

Our little girls who has been nicknamed Sprocket by her Papa is due to arrive in October 2018 - on one of the most imprtant days of the year. My very best friends wedding day, so lets hope our little lass, doesn't like to be punctual like her Mama and Papa and arrives in November so I can celebrate 2 amazing people getting married.

Yes we found out what we are having - and most importantly the test returned that we have a healthy well developing baby who also happens to be a little girl, so I can only imagine how Adam will be with her. He is such a softie and I dare say, she will have have him wrapped around his little finger. 

How have I been feeling - well to be honest, I am so grateful for my body doing its thang, but it hasn't been super easy.

TMI so read on if you wish. 

I have been so apprehensive. I have experienced the pain of miscarriage in the past and have been so nervous, to the point that every "normal" growing pain or niggle in the first 8-9 weeks petrified me. 

Then came some bleeding and cramping - so off to the hospital I rushed. I was so prepared for them to say that there was no heartbeat, that they couldn't find anything, but to our relief at 7 weeks we saw her little heart pounding away, so yay we can rest easy right....... ah nope. 

Less than 2 weeks later, more blood, but this time so much more. So I relaxed and overnight just tried to sleep off the pains but woke up the next morning anxious and scared. Again off to the hospital we went. This time to discover, yes another beating heart - thankfully, but also a subchorionic hemorrhage. For anyone who doesn't know what that is, have a look at the link above. But essentially its created when blood gathers in the space between the placenta and uterus

Anyway - all that absorbed back into my body and I went to get another scan at 9 weeks 4 days to just put my mind at ease. And to my joy saw a wriggly little bean moving around.

Since then everything as been pretty smooth sailing. Typical pregnancy nausea - which lingers all day, and migraines but other than that I can't complain. 

I haven't spent hours with my head in a bucket or been so ill that I can't function so that's a win. 

My injuries do play up, but that was expected so I just trot along and try my best to ignore it. 

I undeniably have raging pregnancy hormones, extreme tiredness and an appetite that would feed 2 people twice my size (sooooo many carbs)

But I feel good, I feel happy, I feel, well, I feel just really right.

Next question - name. Yes we have one - no we won't be announcing it (unless it slips out......Adam I am looking at you) We chose her name early and have always loved it, but we love talking to her in my belly and saying her name.

Feel free to guess, but until she's here we will try and keep it under wraps. Something that will be a nice surprise for everyone. One clue is that it is a nice combination of both our heritages. 


I’ve got my fingers crossed that this second trimester is kinder to me, and I don't have revolting migraines or fatigue, and so far so good so I am pretty chuffed. 

Anyway, I have to thank my friends and family who have help support me through the past 15 weeks. You've been marvellous and its safe to say that our little Sprocket is a much loved little girl. 

I'll keep you all updated with my pregnancy and continue to be unashamedly open and honest. 

But for now - ciao ciao and please continue to tune into the Cache Cache blog.



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