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Our Story

Posted on February 01 2018

Our Story

January 4, 2018 | Charlotte Stevens

I have had lots of people ask me why I started Cache Cache and why I decided to take that "leap of faith".  

I am by no means a writer so please bear with my year 6 standard recount.

The answer is simple really. I just decided that it was time to stop waking up every day, going to a job I didn't enjoy and start living my life to the fullest. 

It all started about 3 years ago when my life took a huge turn - 180 flip if you will. I was living my dream. I was 3 years into my career with the Army, I was achieving my goals, then the night before one of my final assessments that would see me progress to the next phase in my career, I was injured in an AFL game. At which point I knew immediately – my life would change forever.

My knee ended up in three parts after a nasty tackle. It took 2 surgeries, 3 months in hospital, never ending rehab and a heck of a lot of determination to get me to where I am now.

I felt that it wasn’t fair for me to be employed and getting paid for a role that I technically wasn’t able to do.

I looked for a new job within government agencies and started to rebuild my life.

I knew I had to overcome adversity. 

For me the Army was always going to be a career, a lifestyle that I had chosen to embark on since the age of 12. So when it was time for me to find another occupation I struggled. I could only find “jobs”, I wasn’t having any luck finding something that I wanted to call my career.

So after job hoping for 2 years, starting a new relationship, taking time for myself, and working to start over. My husband (then fiancée) insisted I put my thinking hat on and see what kind of options might tickle my fancy. 

Then my best friend fell pregnant with her 2nd baby and I wanted to find something to give to her to celebrate her pending arrival. But I just wasn’t falling in love with what I was seeing. That’s what made me start thinking about baby goods. I have always had a love of kids and babies, and I knew if I did something that involved them I would be happy. 

Et Voila – Cache Cache was born. I decided that I wanted to support local artists but also tie my products into my French heritage.

So keep watching this space to see what we come up with and how we are tracking along.


xoxo Charlotte S






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