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Re-Purposing your Wrap

Posted on February 01 2018

Re-Purposing your Wrap

Re-Purposing your wrap! 

January 12, 2018 | Charlotte Stevens
Muslin wraps must be one of the most popular gifts for a new baby. But you can only use them for so long. Whilst they have a huge amount of uses, there still comes a time when they can’t be used as a wrap.

So to make sure your Cache Cache wraps don’t go to waste and get used on a daily basis – I have come up with a few ideas. They are the perfect play accessory and the uses are really endless. 


Dolls blankets

Each dolly gets covered in a muslin wrap and sent off to sweet dreams. Keep a few in the play box for your little love to play mummy with! Because they are lightweight and small, muslin wraps are easy for toddlers to handle and carry around. This is especially useful when you have a new bub and the older sibling wants to play mummy or help.


Cubby house walls

Hang a few wraps from a table for an instant indoor cubby house. Table cloth clips will do a good job of holding the wraps in place. A great idea for rainy day play and much lighter and easier for the kids to navigate than cubby house walls made from bed linen.


Dress ups

So funnily enough this idea came to me from my husband – who despite being in his mid-30’s is still a kid at heart and obsessed with Marvel and DC comics. So why not put a few in the dress up box and see what they kids come up with. A few suggestions from me would be to use them as a superhero cape, maybe a tall princess hat (super easy to make), a wizards cloak. The possibilities are endless. See where their imagination takes them.

For the princess hat all you need to do is get some poster card and roll it into a cone shape. Staple some ribbon or elastic to the opening so it stays on their head and then staple or glue the muslin wrap to the pointy end. Add some ribbons or sparkly elements for a cheap and easy dress up idea.


Wrapping paper

Maybe a bit of an odd use but wrapping with fabric is really cool and using a muslin swaddle wrap makes it easy. The edges are already finished, they are usually a good size perfect for large gifts and have bright, fun patterns. Upcycling at it’s finest.


Get them made into a teddy or quilt

I have always loved this idea. I recall seeing all the blankies and goodies my mumma kept from when I was little and couldn’t help thinking that there was a better way to keep them, than in a vacuum sealed bag. 

So I did some research and have found that there are some very talented people out there who can turn your most loved baby items into something that you can keep forever, pass down the generations.

Love TwinkleToes who are on Instagram, do an amazing job.


Furniture protector

I know that as a wife (not quite yet a mummy – we are working on that one), I can get so frustrated with the state of our sofas and chairs.

We have a farmhouse, so a lot of our furniture is cream or linen. I love that look but hate that hubby come in dirty and decides to sit down on my nice clean sofas, or our boof head pooches, after going for a swim in the dam, come jump all over the, (despite being told to stay outside). Even when we have little people running around and just simply jumping on them. Little banana hands or dirty feet can mark them.

So why not wrap the sofa cushions in the wraps that you can then take off and wash. Super easy! Job done



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